Joyce Harman
Harmany in Nature

I grew up in a darkroom with Black and White photography, then graduated to slides and in 2008 finally joined the digital age. It has been an interesting and fascinating journey. Though my interest is all of nature photography, creativity is what is leading me down many paths, sparking an interest in a variety of subjects.

Digital imaging has allowed me to become much more creative than ever before. Infrared, HDR, Focus Stacking are all techniques I enjoy exploring. When i got my first iPhone, my creatvity expanded dramatically, and now i devote quite a bit of time to iphonography.

I have work in a number of gallery's and am an active member of Old Rag Gallery in Sperryville, VA. I have won awards with my images, and teach classes regularly. My passion is sharing the joy i get from photography with others.

Enjoy the images.

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